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That China will gain if its tourist dollars are spent domestically

: $238,000,000,000

Percentage of nonmilitary drones for sale in the United States that were manufactured in China

: 80

Factor by which spending on the distribution of China Daily in the United States has increased over the past decade 

: 7

Estimated minimum amount China spends each year on international propaganda and influence operations 

: $10,000,000,000

Number of European Union countries that have agreed to participate in China’s Belt and Road infrastructure project

: 15

Number of bank employees in Changzhi, China, who were publicly spanked in June for poor performance

Portion of China’s natural coastline that has disappeared because of development since 1950

Estimated number of deaths each day in China attributable to air pollution

Portion of children in rural China who have been left behind by one or both parents seeking work in cities

Percentage of the world’s cigarettes that are consumed by China

Number that China is

Estimated number of new movie screens that open in China each day

: 15

Hours per day that a death-row inmate in China wears hand and ankle restraints

: 24

Number of U.S. congressional districts in which trade with China has produced more jobs than it has cost

: 1

Number of dogs in Baoshan, China, killed in September to prevent the spread of rabies

Percentage increase since 2008 in the number of annual incidents of violence against health-care workers in China

Average amount paid on the black market to surrogate mothers in China

Minimum number of churches in China demolished or given demolition notices by government order since February