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Estimated amount that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding generated for the British economy 

: $1,300,000,000

Estimated value of drunk shopping to the U.S. economy each year

: $39,400,000,000

Number of previous years on record in which the global economy grew and the carbon-emission rate did not

Estimated annual cost of invasive animal, plant, and microbe species to the U.S. economy

Date on which the Federal Reserve ended its asset-purchase program because of the economy’s “underlying strength”

: 10/29/14

University of Kansas psychologists suggested that the poor economy was driving U.S. men to cheat on their wives.

In Britain, where it was estimated that the loss of bees would cost the economy $700 million a year, bumblebees were inbreeding, entomologists were studying the nectar-gathering strategies of bumblebees, city bees were gathering more diverse pollens and eating better than country bees, and Edinburgh was attempting to make itself more attractive to honeybees.

The National Sleep Foundation warned that too many people were losing sleep over the worsening economy, which also may be causing a decline in shark attacks worldwide and an increase in domestic violence among Texans.

Percentage change since 2007 in the portion of Spaniards who believe people are better off in a free market economy

: -30

Chance a Florida Republican thinks the party is intentionally “stalling” the economy to prevent Obama’s reelection

: 1 in 4

Estimated annual cost to the U.S. economy of worker “disengagement”

: $400,000,000,000

Amount the U.S. economy loses for each murder committed, according to an Iowa State University study

: $17,000,000

Global rank of China’s economy in 2010, measured by GDP

: 2

Estimated loss to Japan’s economy last year from suicides and depression

: $29,000,000,000

Chance that the U.S. economy will reenter recession in 2010, according to the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics

: 1 in 4

Pounds of [Ice|ice], sculpted into the word [Economy|economy], that [Art|artists] used last [Fall|fall] to create a “literal meltdown‚” in [Manhattan|Manhattan]

: 1,500

Number of times that speakers at the [RepublicanParty|Republican] National Convention said the word “economy‚”

: 31

Projected amount that same-[Sex|sex] [Marriage|weddings] will add to [California|California]’s [Economy|economy] during the next three years

: $684,000,000

Chances that an American believes the [Economy|economy] is in a [Recession|recession]

: 3 in 5

Percentage of U.S. [CEO|CEOs] [Ignorance|who believed] this [Spring|spring] that the [Economy|economy] was either “good‚” or “excellent‚”

: 84

Percentage of [RepublicanParty|Republicans] today who say that free trade is bad for the U.S. [Economy|economy]

: 59

Estimated amount that U.S. adults who grew up [Poverty|poor] cost the [Economy|economy] each year through increased [Crime|crime]

: $170,000,000,000

Estimated amount they cost the [Economy|economy] through higher [HealthCare|health care] costs

: $160,000,000,000

Estimated amount that tourism will add to [Rwanda|Rwanda’s] [Economy|economy] next year

: $26,000,000

Amount that [Insect|insects] add to the U.S. [Economics|economy] each year, according to one invertebrate advocacy group

: $57,000,000,000

Percentage of [California|California’s] [Economics|economy] that is accounted for by [Agriculture|agriculture]

: 7

Percentage of Americans [Polling|surveyed] in [October|October] who chose the word “hopeful” to describe their feelings about the [Economics|economy]

: 37

Amount Fortune [Magazine|magazine] estimates that [MichaelJordan|Michael Jordan] [Basketball|NBA] career has contributed to the U.S. [Economics|economy]

: $10,000,000,000

Percentage change in the size of [Russia|Russia’s] [Economy|economy] since the country began following the I.M.F.’s advice in [1990s|1992]

: –25

Average percentage markup on an “[Economy|economy]” [Death|casket] [Business|sold] by a US. funeral home

: 300