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In the number of filings for union elections

: 58

Minimum number of candidates for local office in Mexico this year who were murdered before the June elections

: 34

Number of Democratic congresspeople with “A” ratings from the N.R.A. after the 2008 elections

: 67

Total number of state-level recall elections from 1908 to 2009

: 25

Percentage of statewide elections in the Deep South won by Republicans since 2008

: 97

Percentage of Americans who did not vote in the midterm elections who say they wish they had

: 61

Estimated percentage of outside spending on US state judicial elections that is in the form of “dark money”

: 54

Percentage of Americans with strong party loyalties who say that winning elections is more important than policy change

: 41

Chance that a Republican voter has thought about the midterm elections “only a little”

: 1 in 3

Number of states that have enacted new restrictions on abortion since the last midterm elections

: 31

Number of votes the Internet Party received in Ukraine’s parliamentary elections last fall

: 58,152

Number of publicly traded companies at which directors lost shareholder elections in the past three years

: 175

Percentage of the vote received by the Pirate Party in Berlin’s September municipal elections

: 8.9

Who say that honest elections are

: 55

Number of the 612 races in California’s last four statewide elections in which the incumbent’s party won

: 605

Number of the four top-spending congressional candidates in the 2010 elections who lost

: 3

Percentage change in spending by independent political groups between the 2006 and 2010 midterm elections

: +310

Estimated percentage of votes cast in Afghanistan’s parliamentary elections in September that were fraudulent

: 23

Fee charged by Myanmar’s ruling junta for a candidate to appear on the ballot in November’s national elections

: $500

Portion of voters in the midterm elections who ranked “spending to create jobs” as their highest priority for Congress

: 2/5

Minimum number of African Americans running as Republicans in this year’s congressional elections

: 32

Number of the forty-three national elections held worldwide since December 2007 whose results were contested

: 7

Number of the last four general elections in which the nominee who served in an overseas war lost to the one who didn’t

: 4

Number of these elections in which the loser was a decorated war hero

: 3

Number of U.S. presidential elections so far in which the two major-party nominees were both sitting Senators

: 0

Number of non-citizens charged with vote fraud in U.S. elections since 2002

: 21

Margin by which total votes for Democrats in the last three Senate elections exceeded those for Republicans

: 2,900,000

Number of political parties registered for Iraq’s national elections scheduled for January

: 72