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Minimum percentage of grocery store employees who left their jobs last year

: 48

Percentage of U.S. workers who quit their jobs in 2021 who cited disrespect as a reason for quitting

: 57

Number of state immunization managers who have left their jobs since the COVID-19 vaccine became available

: 10

Of jobs in New York City’s arts and culture industry

: 2/3

Portion of jobs in California’s arts and culture industry that have been lost during the pandemic

: 1/2

Net change in December in the number of jobs in the leisure and hospitality industry

: -498,000

Percentage of those jobs that did so more than once

: 39

Percentage of senior White House jobs that turned over during the Trump presidency

: 91

Percentage of U.S. workers over 50 who lose longtime jobs before they are prepared to retire

: 56

Percentage of jobs that require close contact and cannot be done remotely that are done by women

: 77

Number of state and local health-department jobs that have been eliminated since 2008 because of funding cuts

: 56,360

Number of new jobs created in the United States since the end of the Great Recession

: 21,275,000

Percentage of U.S. manufacturing jobs that required a bachelor’s degree in 1983

: 14

Percentage of US college graduates whose first jobs do not typically require a college degree

: 43

Of college graduates whose jobs five years after graduation do not typically require a college degree

: 35

Estimated number of US newspaper jobs lost since the year 2000

: 240,700

Percentage of workers aged 24 to 35 who plan on quitting their jobs within two years

: 43

Percentage of U.S. mothers who have stopped working or switched to less challenging jobs in order to care for children

: 62

Percentage of workers worldwide who do not have permanent jobs

: 75

Number of executioner jobs advertised on Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Civil Service website in May

: 8

Percentage change since 1992 in the portion of jobs in the United States that require no high-school diploma

: +1

Number of U.S. congressional districts in which trade with China has produced more jobs than it has cost

: 1

Number of local-government jobs lost since 2010

: 351,000

Portion of those jobs that were in education

: 3/4

Portion of U.S. jobs held by humans today that are at high risk of being automated by 2024

: 1/2

Percentage of 2012 U.S. law-school graduates not currently in full-time jobs requiring membership in the bar

: 43