Memoir | Harper's Magazine - Part 2

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Avian Voices

Trying not to kill a mockingbird

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Surviving a Failed Pregnancy

The medical ordeal no one wants to talk about

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In Search of a Stolen Fiddle

From the pawnshops of Portland to the con men of Craigslist

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Honky, Napoleon, and the Empress Wu

Memories of a South African childhood

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Christmas in Prison

Greeting the holidays in an age of mass incarceration

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The Seductive Catastrophe

Why the world went to war in 1914

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The Oa

On the pleasures and perils of whisky

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Loving Las Vegas

What the prudes get wrong about Sin City

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Killing Deer

A hard death on the high road

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Life During Wartime

Remembering the siege of Sarajevo

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Sliver of Sky

Confronting the trauma of sexual abuse

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Contest of Words

High school debate and the demise of public speech

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Breeds of America

Coming of age and coming of race

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From Eden to Eton

One boy’s transatlantic education

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About Motorcycles

My father was a hunchback. He had an accident on his bicycle when he was a child, which ended with his falling into a coal cellar, a fall of thirty…

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Bearing Arms

The serious boy at war

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Christmas at the Rothschilds’

Success, longing, and the aberrations of privilege

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Truth Serum

On sodium pentothal, his secret comes out

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Memories Held in Check

Perusing a lifetime of my father’s expenditures

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Out of One’s Tree

My bout with temporary insanity

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Falling for a Warsaw Pact Dame

An espionage thriller (sort of)

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