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Insight on the latest books, films, theater, and music.

Unhappy together

The Wittgenstein family feud

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School for scandal

The larger meaning of the sordid little tale

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Art is

The audacity of still life

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Man of no nation

A Habsburg prince's bid for Ukraine

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Go forth and falsify

Katherine Anne Porter and the lies of art

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Unknown bards

The blues becomes transparent about itself

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Godard the obscure

What happened to the icon of '68?

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The long goodbye

Notes on a never-ending decade

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Congenial Disorder

Why should we look for comfort in poetry?

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Books and Circuses

The politics of literary scapegoating

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The master’s voice

Henry James's curriculum vitae

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Purist of the Self

Did Mahler get the biographer he deserves?

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A fine line

Rodolphe T??¶pffer's squiggles and squibs

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Feeling and form

From Plato to Penrose, the music is the message

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A mind of its own

Resisting the tyranny of the brain

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Irrational man

Gershom Scholem's decisive years

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The other side of silence

W.G. Sebald's melancholy art

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Dirty laundry

The strange history of hygiene

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Fear of Fallowing

The specter of a no-growth world

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The vital center did not hold

Arthur Schlesinger's diaries reveal a blindness to the changing political landscape

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This way, not that

Nadine Gordimer does as she pleases

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Unsteady as she goes

Malcolm Lowry's cinema inferno

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April 2009