Reviews | Harper's Magazine - Part 9

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Insight on the latest books, films, theater, and music.

The pretender

Dana Spiotta's persuasive performances

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After all these years

The remastery of Paul Simon

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The Tomist

Francis Fukuyama's infinite regression

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Dining with the Tiger

Dublin's restaurant bubble

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The beatification of our daily bread

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For love or money

Youth basketball comes of age

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Salt march to the Dead Sea

Gandhi's Palestinian reincarnation

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Lonely island

Mike Leigh's intimate cinema

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Speak, malady

An autobiography of cancer

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Video ergo sum

Oliver Sacks and the plasticity of perception

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A roller coaster, dropping

Lynd Ward's Depression visions

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Bad air

The politics of malaria

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After Rhodesia

Robert Mugabe's crisis of stasis

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Tug of war

Timothy Snyder looks east

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Egyptian novelists at home and abroad

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Age of exuberance

The lost grandeur of the Gilded interior

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Magic lantern

The illuminations of Tove Jansson

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What is the worth of social democracy?

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The white side of history

Sketches of a Caucasian past

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Speed of light in a vacuum

Tom McCarthy's historical avant-garde

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