The Easy Chair | Harper's Magazine - Part 2

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The Easy Chair

Divining rods

Notes for a new decade

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The rage against the future

Further reflections on the national consensus of anger

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The death of kings

Prose translations from the poetry of despair

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Blindman’s bluff

The lost sight of the imagination

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The shattered mirror

Bits and pieces of experience

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Guests of the management

The literary imagination in exile

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A juggernaut of words

In the empty theater of ideas

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Program notes

The early afternoon of the gods

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The mandate of heaven

Further remarks on the heirs to the American fortune

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Lost horizon

Intimations of immortality in California

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Annual report

Letter to the readers

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Mirror, mirror, on the wall

Final reflections on the American courtier

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From “Letter from Leete’s Island

Field notes on the manners, morals, and customs of the Connecticut Yankee," January 1969

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From “Survival U

Prospectus for a really relevant university," September 1969

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The American courtier

Further reflections on the customs of the tribe

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The melancholy herd

Further thoughts on the American bedouin

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The American bedouin

On the seductions of barbarism

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The Arabian oil bubble

Exploiting the belief in perfidious Araby

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Hostages to fortune

On the American grudge against children

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