COVID-19 (Disease) | Harper's Magazine - Part 6

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COVID-19 (Disease)

Soul Proprietor

From an interview with Tony Spell conducted in April by Victor Blackwell, an anchor for CNN. Spell, the pastor of Life Tabernacle Church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, had been cited…

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Fever Dreams

From accounts of dreams reported during the novel coronavirus pandemic, collected in March and April by Erin Gravley and Grace Gravley on their “i dream of covid” website. I was…

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Rally of the Dolls

From guidelines for women presented in a series of infographics issued by the Malaysian government in response to the novel coronavirus pandemic. Translated from the Malay. Create a temporary workstation…

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States of Care

From a report published in April by the Kaiser Family Foundation, detailing the amount of money each state received per COVID-19 case in the first round of grant funding under…

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The Last Picture Show

The national box-office report for the weekend of April 17–19, reflecting all self-submitted earnings by theaters in the United States, where government orders aimed at halting the spread of the…

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Essential Business

Keeping the Bronx fed in the midst of a pandemic Read More

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Tests of Time

Among the many things disrupted by the spread of the novel coronavirus and the global mobilization against it has been our sense of time. In part, this is simply the…

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A Malevolent Holiday

On the fifteenth of March in Paris, as the novel coronavirus outbreak—just deemed a global pandemic—ravaged Spain and Italy, I strapped my infant son into his stroller, grabbed a bottle…

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Viral Goods

From reports of items whose popularity has increased since the novel coronavirus outbreak was declared a pandemic in March. Antiseptic wipes Bleach Bicycles Freezers Cologne Ventilators Surgical masks Pornography featuring…

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