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Drug abuse

Career High

From testimony given at a grand-jury hearing last year by Sonja Farak, a former chemist at the Massachusetts State Crime Laboratory, in Amherst. In 2014, Farak pleaded guilty to tampering…

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Legalize It All

How to win the war on drugs

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Alcoholics Synonymous

From a list of slang terms used by British students to describe drunkenness or the effects of drugs, included by Tony Thorne in the fourth edition of the Dictionary of…

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You Are Not Alone Across Time

Using Sophocles to treat PTSD

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Hustle and Flow

By Alice Goffman, from On the Run: Fugitive Life in an American City, to be published next month by University of Chicago Press. Goffman, a sociologist at the University of…

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On drugs

Gateways to gnosis, or bags of glue?

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America’s Altered States

When does legal relief of pain become illegal pursuit of pleasure?

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June 1996

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