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When Glory’s parents christened her Glorybetogod Ngozi Akunyili, they did not foresee Facebook’s “real name” policy, nor the weeks she would spend populating forms and submitting copies of her bills…

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My Diagnosis

By Jeremy M. Davies, from The Knack of Doing, a collection of short stories that David R. Godine will publish next month. Davies is the author of two novels, Rose…

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The Trusted Traveler

For almost a decade, Chris and I have received an annual visit from one of my former students, Jack Bail. This year is different. When, as usual, he emails to…

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Purity in Pink

By David Searcy, from Shame and Wonder, a collection of essays that was published this month by Random House. Searcy is the author of two novels, including Last Things (2002). Read…

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“We’ve Only Just Begun”

They got into our car at a stoplight. It was cold. We never lock the doors in back. There were two of them. At the apartment they terrorized us. It…

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Too Good to Be True

Harriet says she will take Gayle to A.A. meetings. Lois offers to pay her extra for gas and time, but Harriet says no, being of service is essential to her…

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The Hanged Man

From War, So Much War, by Mercè Rodoreda, published this month by Open Letter. Rodoreda, who died in 1983, was the author of several other novels, including The Time of…

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Williamsburg Bridge

To be absolutely certain I rode the F train from my relatively quiet Lower East Side neighborhood to 34th Street and set myself adrift in the crowds around Penn Station…

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Derelict of Booty

By Jean-Paul Clébert (1926–2011), from a story written in 1952 and published in the Winter 2015 issue of The Literary Review. Translated from the French by Edward Gauvin. New York…

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