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Public Displays of Affection

From descriptions of objects held by the Museum of Broken Relationships, which is located in Zagreb, Croatia, and exhibits mementos submitted anonymously by people around the world. A catalogue of…

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Modern Despots

In a democratic state any propagandist will have rivals competing with him for the support of the public. In totalitarian states there is no liberty of expression for writers and…

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Lines and Lineage

We often forget that the boundary between the United States and Mexico was not always where it is today. It used to be seven hundred miles farther north, following what…

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On the Corner of Myth and Main

There was a time when I didn’t know that I lived in Middle America. When I was very young, growing up in eastern Minnesota, I thought I was just an…

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Terms of Surrender

It was in the fall of 1941 that the question of atomic energy was first brought directly to my attention. At that time President Roosevelt appointed a committee to advise…

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Crossing Guards

When private ownership of a bridge gets old

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