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Grammar Yahtzee

From a post on Object Dreams, a Tumblr blog. The post is a rewriting of The Elements of Style using predictive text, a program that assists typing by anticipating which…

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Trump’s People

Among the fans in Florida, New Hampshire, and Iowa

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Beating Around the Bush

By Dorothea Tanning, from a letter written to Muriel Streeter in May 1947 and published in the most recent issue of A Public Space. Tanning was an artist and writer. Streeter…

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Blast from the Past

The Battle of Waterloo turns 200

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Genre Friction

From a February order by a U.S. magistrate judge denying summary judgment in Latele Television, C.A. v. Telemundo Communications Group, LLC. The suit argues that El Rostro de AnalÍa, a telenovela produced by Telemundo, infringes on…

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Below the Pelt

Many of the furries are themselves talented artists who design and construct their own fur suits. A large proportion of furries collect both erotic and nonerotic furry art. The adult-themed…

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Poison Apples

Thirty years ago, Apple Computer launched a new product with a messianic commercial in which legions of blank-faced, coverall-clad workers march, as if in a trance, through a strange industrial…

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Helter Seltzer

The campaign against SodaStream

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The Shining Path

Room 237 and the Kubrick cult

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