Photography | Harper's Magazine - Part 5

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Photograph With Shirley

The author writes about the inspiration for “May I Touch Your Hair?”

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Cinco Estrelas Encampment, Mato Grosso, Brazil

The Cinco Estrelas encampment in northern Mato Grosso, where residents are fighting to gain access to land granted them by the Brazilian government. Photograph © Nadia Shira Cohen, whose work from Mato Grosso accompanied…

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Former Louisiana Leper Home, Carville, La.

A tree on the grounds of the Gillis W. Long National Guard facility, formerly the Louisiana Leper Home, in Carville, Louisiana. Wet-plate collodion photograph © Lisa Elmaleh, from a series that accompanied "The Separating…

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Painting Transport, Shenzhen

Men carry a painting in Shenzhen's Dafen neighborhood. Dafen's artists produce original works as well as millions of inexpensive reproductions, which are sold to hotels around the world. Photograph © Tomas van Houtryve/VII, whose…

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Vermilion Flycatcher, Arizona, May 1941

"Vermilion Flycatcher, Arizona, May 1941." Eliot Porter's work will be on view through July as part of Artist's Choice: Trisha Donnelly at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. © Amon Carter Museum…

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Untitled (Sumner, Mississippi, Cassidy Bayou in Background)

"Untitled (Sumner, Mississippi, Cassidy Bayou in Background)" is now on view as part of At War with the Obvious: Photographs by William Eggleston, at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York…

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Dawn 15

“Dawn 15” was on view last December at Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery in New York City. The artist produced his DAWN series while living five months a year for four years in a hut near…

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At the Bassmasters Classic

With Kevin Van Dam at the Bassmasters Classic in Shreveport, Louisiana, February 24–25, 2012. Photograph by Misty Keasler For more, see "The Super Bowl! (Of Fishing)," by Paul Wachter, in the April 2013 issue of Harper's Magazine.…

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