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By Peter Gizzi, from Archeophonics, which was published this month by Wesleyan University Press. Gizzi is the author of seven collections of poetry. Read More

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Women Appearing as Presents

By Amanda Nadelberg, from a manuscript in progress. Nadelberg’s most recent collection of poetry, Songs from a Mountain, was published in May by Coffee House Press. Read More

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Four in Verse

Many of John Ashbery’s recent poems are full of sayings and parables and clichés — but from what culture, what country? The world of these poems resembles ours: there are…

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Monologue for Two Voices

By Jana Prikryl, from her debut collection of poems, The After Party, which will be published this month by Tim Duggan Books. Read More

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Cut With the Kitchen Knife

We conventionally use the period to punctuate a finished thought. But Rosmarie Waldrop, one of the most innovative poets in English, deploys the period as a rest, often musical, in…

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Two Martyrs

By Alan Felsenthal, from the December 2015 issue of The Brooklyn Rail. Felsenthal cofounded The Song Cave, a small press. His first collection of poems is forthcoming from Ugly Duckling…

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Imaginary August

By C. D. Wright (1949–2016), from ShallCross, which will be published next month by Copper Canyon Press. Wright was the author of more than a dozen volumes of poetry. She…

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Madrid, New Mexico

By Kenneth Irby (1936–2015), whose collected poems, The Intent On, was published by North Atlantic Books in 2009. Read More

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Untitled (Triptych)

It might be necessary to work backward from tool marks and defects in the material on which the sky is painted, inspect the hinges joining the sky’s three panels, yet…

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