Readings — From the November 2012 issue

Street Meat

From the press release of a performance held in July at Allegra LaViola Gallery, in New York City.

Artist Laura Ginn and Allegra LaViola Gallery proudly present Tomorrow We Will Feast Again On What We Catch. Imagining a dystopian future in which urban survival will depend upon taking advantage of available resources, guests will dine on one of New York City’s truly sustainable wildlife populations: rats.

Chef Yuri Hart will be preparing a variety of tantalizing rodent recipes. Brave souls and adventurers are called to break bread and relish the bounty of nature in this survivalist encounter. Simple wood and leather stools and a dining table of salvaged materials, made by Ginn, provide the set for the feast. Ginn serves as hostess at the dinner while draped in a garment of rat pelts she has made by skinning and tanning the rats herself. Diners must be daring, but in a concession to current social memes, rats are sourced from a clean and safe facility and have been taste tested by Hart, Ginn, and their brave compatriots.

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