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The Living Journalism Festival


We are all familiar with the performing arts. Unlike film and television—recordings of a single act—theater, concerts, and acrobatics are corporeal and ephemeral. “Live journalism” is of this same spirit, incorporating monologues, conversations, plays, readings, projections of photo reportage, and documentary films with director commentary. It presents an alternate way to stay informed, side-by-side with others and in real time. Here, knowledge and emotions are shared without filters.

Live journalism is also another state of mind. It offers a taste for what is authentically human, direct from the field and for a wide audience. Over the course of three days, participants of the festival will meet with the audience: on stage, over a drink or a meal, in the pedestrian streets of the village of Autun, under the wild beauty of Mont Beuvray.
“Les Rendezvous in July” will bring together a hundred participants from print, radio, and television journalism, documentary filmmakers, authors of graphic reportage, photojournalists, monologists, and stage actors. At the festival they will share what they have seen and understood of the world. The performances will suit all ages and interests. To attend, you don’t need to be well versed in the subjects; you only need to be curious about them.

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