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[Letter from Texas] Free Country
Permitless carry and the new gun-rights extremism
February 2022
Current Issue February 2022
[Miscellany] Another Green World
Can the planet’s ecosystems be replicated?
[Article] The Intelligence Factory
How America makes its enemies disappear

January 19, 2022

Hamilton, Ontario, was covered in soybean husks after a filter at a local factory malfunctioned. Read More

Another Green World

The big ship: on space exploration, climate change, and a new experiment at Biosphere 2
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[Article] from the December 2019 Issue
Gimme Shelter

That year, the year of the Ghost Ship fire, I lived in a shack. I’d found the place just as September’s Indian summer was giving way to a wet October. There was no plumbing or running water to wash my hands or brush my teeth before sleep. Electricity came from an extension cord that snaked through a yard of coyote mint and monkey flower and up into a hole I’d drilled in my floorboards. The structure was smaller than a cell at San Quentin—a tiny house or a huge coffin, depending on how you looked at it—four by eight and ten feet tall, so cramped it fit little but a mattress, my suit jackets and ties, a space heater, some novels, and the mason jar I peed in.

Read More