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August 1987 Issue [Readings]

California Esteemin’

From a statement of goals and objectives of the California Task Force to Promote Self-Esteem, and Personal and Social Responsibility, published in the June issue of the group’s newsletter, “Esteem.” The task force was established by the California State Legislature last fall.

Mission Statement: Seek to determine whether self-esteem, and personal and social responsibility are the keys to unlocking the secrets of healthy human development so that we can get to the roots of and develop effective solutions for major social problems; to develop and provide for every Californian the latest knowledge and practices regarding the significance of self-esteem, and personal and social responsibility.

1. GOAL: Compile and evaluate current scientific literature and the world’s most credible and contemporary research regarding self-esteem, and personal and social responsibility.


1. 1 Develop criteria for evaluating research and program information.

1.2 Compile and evaluate the research concerning the causal relationship between healthy self-esteem, personal and social responsibility, and the following social problems:
a. Crime, violence, and recidivism
b. Alcoholism and drug abuse
c. Welfare dependency
d. Teenage pregnancy
e. Child and spousal abuse
f. Children failing to learn in school

1.3 Survey government, public and private institutions, and families to determine whether the manner in which they relate to people serves to dehumanize persons.

2. GOAL: Propose a plan for furthering the work of the task force and for promotion of self- esteem, and personal and social responsibility, especially as it is related to a partnership between public and private entities.


2.1 Determine ways in which government and private institutions, and parents, families, and individuals, can be more supportive of the development and perpetuation of healthy self-esteem, and personal and social responsibility.

2.2 Suggest ways in which the news media, TV, radio, and movie industries can support the themes and recommendations of the task force in their ongoing programming.

3. GOAL: Provide the California public with information about self-esteem, and personal and social responsibility so that each Californian can personally benefit in his or her own life, relationships, family, and community.

4. GOAL: Develop an effective working relationship and information sharing with local task forces on self-esteem, and personal and social responsibility.

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August 1987

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