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July 1988 Issue [Readings]

Atlanta, Warts and All


From the February 15 Chamber Report, published by the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. This list of story ideas about Atlanta was developed by the chamber’s Convention Task Force as part of its preparation for the Democratic National Convention this July. The task force has established a media center to answer reporters’ questions during the convention.

positive stories
Centers for Disease Control
Hospitality Industry
marta System
Georgia Dome
Oakland Cemetery
Gone With the Wind
Southern Hospitality
General Hospital
Atlanta’s Fortune 500 Companies
Martin Luther King Jr. Center
High Tech Atlanta
Carter Library and Museum

negative stories
Are we still the “City Too Busy to Hate”?
KKK Activity
Leo Frank Lynching
Profiles of Civil Rights Activists
Missing and Murdered Children Cases
Cuban Riots at Atlanta Federal Penitentiary
Nude Dance Clubs
aids Research at Centers for Disease Control
Homeless People
Drug Connections With Florida
Airport Noise
Highway Congestion/Infrastructure
Recent Political Corruption
Textbook Banning