[Readings] Casting Christ,

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Casting Christ


From a press release issued by Radio City Music Hall Productions about Jean Marie Lamour, the star of Jesus Was His Name, a play that was staged at Radio City last summer and is currently touring the United States.

Jean Marie Lamour, a twenty-nine-year-old native of France, believes destiny was at play when he was cast for the “role of a lifetime” in the multimedia spectacular Jesus Was His Name. In the title role of Jesus, Jean Marie exudes a serenity far beyond his years. It is that spirit of inner peace, combined with his tall frame, the high cheekbones characteristic of his Viking ancestry, and the added touch of long brown hair and a trim beard, that first caught the attention of the show’s producers. They had been carefully searching for just the “right” actors—those who looked the part and who projected the inner virtues of Jesus and the Apostles as reflected in the Gospels. Upon noticing Jean Marie, the producers immediately felt his “look” was ideal for the role of Jesus. Jean Marie Lamour says that even his name—which translates as John Mary Love—may have mystically guided him to the audition.

In preparation for the role, Jean Marie says he read many books about Jesus and spent time in the United States practicing his English. “In my heart,” he says, “I just decided that I wanted to be the best Jesus ever—and that I would work toward that every day.”