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From internal notes and memoranda describing International Olympic Committee (IOC) members, written by organizers of Atlanta’s bid to host the 1996 Summer Olympics. The documents were released in September by the Atlanta Organizing Committee at the urging of Representative Fred Upton (R., Mich.), who chairs the House subcommittee investigating the relationship between the IOC and the Atlanta committee. The investigation aims to determine whether gifts, including those outlined below, were in fact ever offered or accepted.

Prince Albert de Monaco—Honest, open, and fun. Likes the good life: wine, women (some say men as well), and song. Relationship is all-important here. If he likes you, you got a shot at getting his vote. Visit to Atlanta should be low-key with press but an all-out orgy for Al & his friend.

Bashir M. Attarabulsi—will accept gifts. Also for son. Educated in Africa rather than Europe or Soviet Union, therefore has African mentality.

Comte Jean de Beaumont—Will probably not vote. Is a banker, and we should stress the financial advantage of an Atlanta games to him. Likes pretty women. Likes to talk about Nigeria and going on safari.

Hadj Mohammed Benjelloun—Mr. Benjellouri’s son is in the hotel business. Training at the Atlanta Marriott or with the Marriott Corporation would be a good avenue to pursue. Mr. Benjelloun also will accept gifts.

Matts Carlgren—He is not an optimistic man. Could be a health problem, could be a family problem. He seldom laughs. Sindeco Franco Carraro-Forget about Carraro visiting Atlanta. He seldom visits. He is a socialist. (Perhaps A.Y. [Andrew Young, Atlanta Organizing Committee chairman] could influence.) He has a son who is eleven or twelve years old who skis and plays soccer. Perhaps we should invite the son to Callaway and/or Orlando.

Ivan Dibos—Does accept gifts. His wife is influential with him. Gift for his wife may be useful. An invitation for the Dibos and their children to Walt Disney World and Orlando should be in order.

Rene Essomba—He is a pharmacist, and appropriate gifts might be antique apothecary jars.

Raymond Gafner—Fan of ice hockey. Perhaps we could get a stick signed by Wayne Gretzky. Maybe a hockey puck that we would say is from some famous game (whether that is true or not). Perhaps an agreement to publish his novel in English?

Louis Guirandou-N’Diaye—Gifts are okay. Gift of female okay.

Anani Matthia—Has a heart problem? Should we invite to see a specialist in Atlanta?

Mrs. Samaranch [wife of IOC Chairman Juan Antonio Samaranch]—Mrs. Samaranch does not like to get up early and likes late nights. She does not like adhering to her husband’s very tight schedule and prefers to shop (line up a Saks and Lord & Taylor visit with the store managers, and when she selects something make them insist that it’s on the house because she is such an important person, etc. Make it convincing by prior arrangement with the respective stores).

Raja Bhalendra Singh—Lives in a palace. Did accept two ladies from Barcelona.

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December 1999

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