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From 100,000 messages for space aliens received by Team Encounter, a Houston aerospace company. The company periodically beams these “cosmic calls” into space as radio broadcasts and plans to launch them, along with DNA samples from the contributors, on the Humanities First Starship in 2007.

I wish to talk to you. I wish to meet you. I wish to tech you. If you have time travel capabilities come here and take me with you. I have included a sampel of my body so you can trak me. I am NOT AFRADE!

Please don’t be hostile because when I am president I will not surrender.

When you receive this, I will probably be dead. I would like you to have this as a keepsake for you and your fellow “whatever you ares.”

Jim Christman was in nuclier business and his quote is “Buy low, sell high.”

The Cook Family they are the future.

I love everyone and am a very happy dog!

If I die prematurely, my plan is to be frozen in liquid nitrogen at -196°C until future technology can repair and revive my body.

Tweety is a unique bird. Frizzy is nice. Taco Bell is a good fast-food restaurant. Madonna is omnipotent.

I walk upright and travel otherwise in a car.

I have personally had six contacts/sightings of UFOs. I look for the day the U.S. government will come clean on what it knows.

I love spending money and getting money.

Commencing Countdown. Engines On!
—Major Tom

This world isn’t such a bad place, we just have to get rid of all the jerks, then it would be perfect.

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September 2003

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