Collection — From the June 2007 issue

Undoing Bush

How to repair eight years of sabotage, bungling, and neglect

George W. Bush has done more to transform the nation than any American president since Franklin D. Roosevelt. Indeed, he may well be the perfect anti-Roosevelt. He has taken a prosperous nation and mired it in war, replaced our national composure with terror, and left behind him a legacy of damage so profound that repairing it will likely be the work of generations. Before the next administration can return to solving the already considerable problems the nation faced in 2000, it must begin to correct the missteps and misdeeds of the current one. And as Roosevelt demonstrated, the road back from perdition cannot be found without a good map. To that end, Harper’s Magazine has assembled a group of journalists and thinkers to survey the damage, to determine what may (or may not) be remedied, and to find our way forward.

1. The Constitution, by David Cole

2. The Courts, by Dahlia Lithwick

3. Civil Service, by Ken Silverstein

4. The Environment, by Bill McKibben

5. Science, by Chris Mooney

6. The Economy, by Dean Baker

7. The Marketplace of Ideas, by Jack Hitt

8. Intelligence, by James Bamford

9. The Military, by Edward Luttwak

10. Diplomacy, by Anne-Marie Slaughter

11. The National Character, by Earl Shorris

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