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Estimated percentage of North American pit-viper litters that are “virgin births” : 5

Percentage of freshmen at four-year colleges who declare “Roman Catholic” as their religious affiliation : 26

Who declare “None” : 25

Percentage of college students in Iran who are female : 56

Number of subjects that Iranian universities have barred undergraduate women from studying : 77

Average salary subjects in a September study offered a fictional woman applying for a U.S. university laboratory position : $26,508

Average salary they offered a fictional man with identical credentials : $30,328

Percentage of murders of Pakistani women in 2011 committed by the victim’s husband or brother : 38

Minimum chance that a Bangladeshi woman’s first experience of sex is rape : 1 in 4

Amount Massachusetts has been ordered to pay for the sex-reassignment surgery of an inmate serving life in prison : $23,000

Minimum square footage of San Francisco apartments allowed under new regulations : 220

Number of San Quentin prisoners who could reside in one such apartment, based on their average cell size : 10

Minimum funds smuggled out of China in the past two decades by officials fleeing the country : $120,000,000

Percentage change in the theft of Apple products in New York City since January : +40

Chance that a crime committed in New York City in 2012 was one of these thefts : 1 in 7

Projected percentage increase in the 2012 U.S. GDP attributable to sales of the iPhone 5 : 0.33

Percentage of U.S. children who save their allowance money, according to a survey of American parents : 1

Percentage change in the likelihood a child will eat an apple from the school cafeteria if the apple has an Elmo sticker on it : +68

Projected year by which more than half of Americans will be obese : 2030

Average number of times each week U.S. surgeons operate on the wrong patient or body part : 40

Rank of preventable medical errors among the leading causes of death in the United States : 3

Portion of the National Institutes of Health’s research-chimp population going into retirement in the next year : 1/5

Percentage increase since 2000 in the compensation of full professors at the fifty wealthiest private U.S. universities : 14

In the compensation of the presidents of those universities : 75

Average SAT score (out of 2400) of students from households with an income below $20,000 : 1322

From households with an income above $200,000 : 1722

Average out-of-state tuition surcharge a resident child of illegal immigrants must pay to attend a Florida public university : $14,521

Percentage of British teens who say they are embarrassed to be seen reading : 17

Percentage of recruiters or hiring managers who find applicants with nonfelony criminal records “very difficult” to place : 31

Who find this about applicants unemployed for more than two years : 44

Percentage increase since 2008 in the portion of Americans who call themselves “lower-class” : 28

In the portion earning more than $100,000 annually who do : 20

Ratio of U.S. tax breaks to tax revenue in 2011 : 1:1

Number of Washington, D.C., cops arrested in the past four years : 93

Number of trees that will be cleared so the space shuttle Endeavor can be towed to the California Science Museum : 400

Number of rental bicycles vandalized in wealthy areas of Paris in September in the name of class warfare : 50

Percentage change in the past five years in the share of new U.S. cars sold to people between ages 18 and 34 : –42

Portion of New York City taxis driven by women : 1/100

Minimum number of miniature liquor bottles stolen by employees at John F. Kennedy International Airport in 2012 : 117,000

Estimated minimum number of adult male elves who could get drunk off this amount of alcohol : 60,245

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December 2012

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