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Number of signatures a petition posted on must obtain within thirty days to “require a response” : 25,000

Number a petition calling for Texas to secede from the Union obtained within a week of being posted last November : 100,000

Amount set aside for states to aid homeowners in a 2012 government settlement with mortgage lenders : $2,500,000,000

Portion of that amount the states plan to use for other purposes : 2/5

Increase since 2009 in the number of people over the age of 55 who are working : 3,710,000

Ratio of U.S. farmers age 65 and older to those under the age of 35 : 7:1

Rank of “attire” among the leading reasons “millennials” are unsuccessful in job interviews : 1

Rank of their posting inappropriate pictures on social media : 2

Percentage of the population of Valencia, Spain, that is currently unemployed : 28

Price of a weeklong prostitution training course offered there since May : $127

Percentage of public U.S. colleges and universities whose tuition has increased by more than half in the past five years : 15

Portion of its campuses the University of Phoenix plans to “phase out” beginning this year : 1/2

Average salary earned by a full-time-employed male college graduate one year after graduation : $42,918

By a full-time-employed female graduate : $35,296

Percentage of U.S. girls who are Girl Scouts : 8

Of female senators who are : 70

Percentage of characters shown on televison in the United States who are gay, lesbian, or bisexual : 4.4

Cost of a pair of “all-American” blue jeans designed by Glenn Beck : $129.99

Rank of Philadelphia among U.S. cities with the most per capita purchases of sweatpants and sweatshirts : 1

Percentage of Canadians who believe in global warming : 98

Of Americans who do : 70

Of Republicans : 48

Percentage of Republicans who believe in demonic possession : 68

Minimum number of grave sites photographed to build a grave-finding app for visitors to Arlington National Cemetery : 260,000

Average number of days a U.S. veteran waits for a response to a claim filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs : 260

Percentage increase in Chicago homicides last year : 18

Amount in health-care spending on shooting victims that local officials hope to recoup through a new firearms tax : $600,000

Estimated value of marijuana plants found growing on a single lot on Chicago’s South Side last October : $5,443,000

Percentage by which the drug- and alcohol-test failure rates for Amtrak workers are higher than the industry average : 51

Square footage of a proposed $35 million animal-holding center to be built at John F. Kennedy International Airport : 172,165

Minimum number of Red Bull–sponsored athletes who have died in parachuting, paragliding, and skydiving stunts : 5

Minutes the average U.S. worker must work to pay for 12 ounces of beer : 3.3

The average Indian worker : 36

Number of Steak ’N Shake restaurants set to open in the United Arab Emirates over the next five years : 40

Estimated tons of meat eaten annually in China : 88,000,000

Minimum number of Chinese government agencies whose mission includes containing social unrest : 40

Value of bribes reported through Bribr, a Russian anticorruption app released last September : $1,577,127

Estimated minimum cost to make and market Peter Jackson’s film-trilogy adaptation of The Hobbit : $1,000,000,000

Amount New Zealand’s tourism board has spent to promote the nation as “100 percent Middle-earth” : $8,200,000

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January 2013

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