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Chance that a U.S. combat pilot suffers from a mental-health problem : 1 in 17

That a remote drone pilot does : 1 in 12

Estimated percentage change since 2007 in the number of U.S. veterans committing suicide each day : +22

Portion of all active-duty U.S. servicepeople who committed suicide in 2011 who had never been deployed : 1/2

Number of people killed in mass shootings in the United States last year : 66

Number killed by Muslim-American terrorists since September 11, 2001 : 33

Number of former prosecutors President Obama has nominated to the federal judiciary : 99

Number of former public defenders : 33

Number of presidential question-and-answer sessions held with the media during George W. Bush’s first term : 355

During Obama’s first term : 107

Number of on-air minutes during last fall’s campaign season that CNN devoted to climate change : 23

To Joe Biden’s smile : 43

Percentage change in the incomes of the top 1 percent of earners during the economic recovery : +11.2

Of the bottom 99 percent : –0.4

Chance that an American has been laid off at least once since the start of the recession : 1 in 4

Portion of Americans who believe that they are “living the American dream” : 1/4

Profits earned by Facebook last year : $1,100,000,000

Tax refund the company received from the federal government : $429,000,000

Percentage of movies that led the U.S. box office for at least one weekend in 2011 that featured Apple products : 42

Portion of all North American Internet traffic accounted for by videos streamed from Netflix : 1/4

Rank of the United States among porn actor–producing nations : 1

Rank of Hungary : 2

Number of amendments made to a February parliamentary bill legalizing same-sex marriage in France : 5,395

Chance an American provides financial support to both adult children and elderly parents : 1 in 9

Percentage change since 2001 in the number of U.S. young adults who have credit card debt : –22

In the number who have student-loan debt : +54

Minimum number of exams a student must take between third and twelfth grade under No Child Left Behind : 17

Percentage change since 1976 in the test-score gap between the children of America’s richest and poorest deciles : +40

Amount Florida spent per student on testing in 1996 : $4.44

Last year : $30.59

Percentage change since 1980 in California’s spending on public universities : –13

On prisons : +436

Number of U.S. states that have fewer abortion providers today than in 1978 : 48

Portion of U.S. women with a bachelor’s degree who use sterilization as their primary form of birth control : 1/10

Of U.S. women without a high school diploma who do : 2/5

Factor by which white girls are more likely than black girls to binge drink : 2

Percentage change since 2002 in the portion of U.S. women who use the morning-after pill : +175

Percentage of horses in the 2012 Kentucky Derby that had the thoroughbred Mr. Prospector in their pedigree : 95

That had him in their pedigree more than once : 55

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