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From previously unpublished descriptions of Adolf Hitler’s responses to films he watched in 1938 and 1939. The notes, written by Hitler’s adjutants as part of daily records of his activities and now kept in the Bundesarchiv in Berlin, are excerpted in The Collaboration: Hollywood’s Pact with Hitler, by Ben Urwand, published by Harvard University Press this month. Compiled and translated from the German by Ben Urwand.

Tip-Off Girls: switched off

Capriccio: the most potent crap

Stormy: switched off after the first 100 meters

Swiss Miss (Laurel and Hardy): The Führer applauded the film.

Nights in Andalusia: Imperio Argentina very good; directing bad

Way Out West (Laurel and Hardy): good!

Bluebeard’s Eighth Wife: switched off

The Great Gambini: switched off

Shanghai: switched off

Fun in the Snow: Not particularly good. Anny Ondra is capable of much more difficult roles.

China Seas: switched off

Thirteen Chairs: Good — the ending was changed, as Dr. Goebbels said.

The Princess Comes Across: very good

Marie Antoinette: The Führer switches off the film.

Two Women: obnoxious

Dance on the Volcano: bad, especially Gustaf Gründgens

Block-Heads (Laurel and Hardy): was deemed very good because it presents a lot of very nice ideas and clever jokes

The Green Hell: does not find much applause because the depiction is very often not realistic enough

Tarzan the Ape Man: bad


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