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Portion of Americans who live in areas with harmful levels of air pollution : 1/2

Number of the top five most polluted cities in the country that are in California : 5

Estimated number of California eighth graders given an essay assignment this year about whether the Holocaust happened : 2,000

Percentage of U.S. public-school students who are racial or ethnic minorities : 42

Percentage of U.S. public-school teachers who are : 18

Factor by which a black student is likelier than a white student to attend a school with a high number of new teachers : 4

Average amount of higher-education tax credits received by families making less than $25,000 a year : $930

By families making more than $100,000 a year : $2,490

Factor by which a wealthy American is more likely than a poor American to vote in a midterm election : 2

Portion of poor and affluent men, respectively, who favor raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour : 72, 35

Of poor and affluent women : 69, 67

Minimum amount stolen through wage theft by U.S. employers in 2012 : $280,000,000

Estimated amount stolen in street, bank, and convenience-store thefts that year : $139,000,000

Factor by which the average compensation for CEOs of fast-food companies has increased since 2000 : 7

Factor by which a woman working in the restaurant industry is likelier than the average female worker to be sexually harassed : 5

Portion of U.S. workers working for tips who are women : 3/4

Factor by which a tipped worker is likelier to be on food stamps than the average U.S. worker : 2

Percentage more per patient that Medicare pays the average male doctor than the average female doctor : 24

Portion of U.S. doctors who say they would discourage an aspirant from joining the profession : 9/10

Percentage of children in single-mother Scandinavian families who are living in poverty : 11

In single-mother U.S. families : 55

Percentage of U.S. teenagers who receive no formal sex education before having sex for the first time : 83

Percentage of heterosexual male British student athletes who say they have “cuddled” with another male : 92

Percentage of white Americans who support paying college athletes : 24

Of black Americans who do : 51

Percentage change since 2009 in the number of race-related complaints filed against U.S. colleges and universities : +55

Portion of requests from white male students for meetings with their business-school professors that receive responses : 4/5

Portion of requests from Indian male students that do : 1/3

Percentage increase in the past two decades in the portion of new U.S. marriages between people of different races : +67

Percentage of U.S. women prisoners who are mothers of young children : 61

Chance that a teenager in a New York City jail has a history of traumatic brain injury : 1 in 2

Percentage change in the past five years in the number of deportations ordered by U.S. immigration courts : –44

In the number of cases in the courts’ backlog : +57

Percentage change since 1980 in the number of private security guards employed in the United States : +100

Portion of people employed in computer occupations in the United States who are men : 2/3

Amount the United States has committed to spending on an alternative Internet network for dissidents in Cuba : $4,300,000

Chance that a citizen of Pakistan believes that Internet access free of government censorship is important : 1 in 5

Percentage of the world’s 25 largest news organizations that have been targeted by state-backed hackers : 84

Ratio of public relations specialists to journalists working in the United States : 4.6:1

Figures cited are the latest available as of May 2014.
“Harper’s Index” is a registered trademark.

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