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Minimum number of Muslims living in Norilsk, Russia, the site of the world’s northernmost mosque : 30,000

Average daily number of daylight hours Norilsk has during Ramadan this year : 23.8

Portion of people living in Illinois who say they would move elsewhere if they could : 1/2

Portion of Americans who are currently taking at least one prescription drug : 1/2

Who are taking five or more : 1/10

Estimated number of U.S. children aged two or three being prescribed ADHD medication : 14,000

Number of states with capital punishment that shield the identities of their lethal-injection drug suppliers : 9

Requests to remove search results Google received in 24 hours after an E.U. court established a “right to be forgotten” : 12,000

Factor by which the number of Internet-connected objects in the world is projected to increase in the next seven years : 4

Portion of all U.S. copyright-infringement lawsuits filed in the past year that were filed by the erotica website : 1/3

Estimated portion of sex crimes in U.S. jails and prisons that are committed by correctional officers : 1/2

Rank of homicide among causes of on-the-job death for American women : 1

Percentage change since 1997 in the number of U.S. businesses with no employees : +47

Weekly hours of chores worked by the average Australian boy and girl, respectively : 2.1, 2.7

Weekly allowance earned : $45, $42

Factor by which a woman is more likely to interrupt a woman than to interrupt a man : 2.9

Chance that a U.S. woman under age 35 has a tattoo : 1 in 2

That a U.S. man under 35 does : 1 in 4

Chances that the word “pushy,” when used in U.S. media, is used to describe a woman : 2 in 3

Factor by which a U.S. woman is more likely than a U.S. man to answer “I don’t know” to a poll question : 1.5

Percentage of Republican women who say it would “make no difference” to them if there were more women in Congress : 67

Portion of White House correspondents who say they have been lied to by an Obama Administration official : 1/2

Percentage of professional journalists who were college graduates in 1971 : 58

Who are today : 92

Factor by which a male college student is more likely than a female college student to drive drunk : 4.6

To drive stoned : 11.5

Portion of college freshmen from low-income backgrounds who will receive a college degree by the age of 27 : 1/4

Of freshmen from high-income backgrounds who will : 9/10

Number of local-government jobs lost since 2010 : 351,000

Portion of those jobs that were in education : 3/4

Percentage change since 2002 in the average annual income of a recent college graduate : –8

In the average debt load from student loans : +70

Estimated number of people held in forced labor worldwide : 21,000,000

Portion who are 18 or younger : 1/4

Percentage of young Americans who say they are comfortable discussing race with their friends : 20

Percentage of the world’s population who think that Jews have too much power in international finance : 34

Percentage who have never heard of the Holocaust : 36

Age of the youngest reported Taliban fighter : 11

Of the youngest British combatant in World War I : 12

Estimated number of French carrier pigeons used in the war : 20,000

Figures cited are the latest available as of June 2014. 

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