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Percentage of U.S. children under the age of fifteen who expect their parents to pay for most or all of college : 53

Percentage of U.S. parents who plan to do so : 29

Estimated number of U.S. fathers of minors in 1989 who did not work outside the home : 1,100,000

Estimated number who do not today : 2,000,000

Portion of U.S. school superintendents who approve of physically restraining children as punishment : 1/5

Average number of hours per week U.S. public-school teachers are required to work to receive base pay : 38

Average number they actually work : 52

Chance that a U.S. public school had at least one security camera in 1999 : 1 in 5

Chances today : 2 in 3

Percentage of black public high school students who say they carry a weapon : 14

Of white public high school students : 17

Chance that a poor woman in a predominantly white Milwaukee neighborhood will be evicted this year : 1 in 150

That a poor woman in a predominantly black Milwaukee neighborhood will be : 1 in 17

Chance that a U.S. Google employee is black : 1 in 50

Number of film companies that have asked the FAA for permits to use drones : 7

Percentage of Iranians who support full trade and diplomatic relations with the United States : 74

Who support recognizing Israel in the event of a peace accord with Palestine : 16

Portion of adults in Great Britain who believe their nation fought the First World War against the Nazis : 1/5

Number of firefighters required to free an American student trapped in a 32-ton sculpture of a vagina in Germany in June : 25

Year in which the World Health Organization began keeping records on global obesity : 1980

Number of years since then in which at least one country has reduced its obesity rate : 0

Amount a couple in Sarasota, Florida, earning $62,040 will receive in federal health care subsidies under the ACA : $8,736

Amount a couple earning $62,041 will receive : $0

Number of inmates in Quebec prisons and jails who have escaped by helicopter in the past 15 months : 5

Factor by which the number of recalls GM has issued this year exceeds the number of cars it sold in the previous two years : 5

Portion of the U.S. electrical-power supply that comes from coal : 2/5

Average per capita income within three miles of a major U.S. coal plant : $18,400

Number of tank cars of crude oil transported by U.S. railways in 2008 : 9,500

In 2013 : 400,000

Number of states that have reduced their carbon emissions by at least 30 percent since 2005 : 10

Number that have seen a concurrent decline in economic activity : 0

Gigatons of cement used in the United States in the twentieth century : 4.4

Gigatons used in China in the past three years : 6.1

Percentage of roads in sub-Saharan Africa that are passable year-round : 16

Percentage of liberal Americans who would prefer a large house to a “walkable” community : 32

Of conservative Americans : 69

Pieces of underwear brought to the New York City transit system’s lost-and-found so far this year : 569

Number of johns a suspected pimp must attempt to solicit with “chica cards” to be arrested under New York State law : 10

Amount of the fine a recently passed New York State law would impose for taking selfies with tigers : $500

Cost to be buried beside your pet at the People and Pet Gardens in Hermitage, Pennsylvania : $795

Figures cited are the latest available as of July 2014.

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