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Number of New York City police officers wearing body cameras as part of a pilot program started this fall : 36

Percentage of the city’s public-housing units deemed “deficient” by the New York City Housing Authority : 79

Percentage of “needed repairs” the agency plans to make this year : 22

Amount of improper Hurricane Sandy–relief payments FEMA has attempted to recover through collection letters : $4,900,000

Amount recipients of these letters have returned : $453,000

Average amount U.S. customs officials paid to build each of twenty-one houses for employees in rural Arizona : $680,000

Average market price of houses in the area : $86,500

Cost of a ticket for a flight from California “to the edge of space” scheduled to begin service in 2016 : $100,000

Percentage of U.S. flights accounted for by private planes : 51

Of fatal U.S. air crashes : 96

Number of U.S. universities that have received military equipment from the Defense Department since 1998 : 117

That have received mine-resistant vehicles : 6

Grenade launchers : 2

Number of rounds of ammunition found in the car of a man who jumped the White House fence this September : 800

Number of hatchets : 2

Portion of Americans who want their state to secede : 1/4

Portion who cannot name all three branches of the federal government : 2/3

Estimated minimum number of U.S. government contractors eligible to access classified information : 930,000

Minimum number of abducted Japanese citizens who have lived in North Korea for at least 30 years : 12

Years of hard labor to which North Korea sentenced a 24-year-old California man in September for ripping up his visa : 6

Number of counts of accessory to murder a 93-year-old former Auschwitz guard was charged with in September : 300,000

Number of infants who died in Syria after receiving improperly mixed measles shots from aid workers : 15

Percentage increase since 2008 in the number of annual incidents of violence against health-care workers in China : 33

Percentage of Chinese doctors who report having considered leaving the profession because of the threat of violence : 40

Number of dogs in Baoshan, China, killed in September to prevent the spread of rabies : 5,000

Number of socks found in the stomach of a Great Dane in Oregon in February : 43.5

Percentage increase since 2000 in the number of Americans with potbellies, according to the CDC : 17

Estimated amount Olive Garden loses annually from breadsticks that are served but not eaten : $5,000,000

Amount the U.S. Mint lost last year making pennies : $55,000,000

Percentage of women worldwide who believe that energy conservation
is a “vital issue” : 68

Of men : 47

Number of Americans employed in the beer industry : 2,000,000

Number of the top ten beers sold in the United States that are owned by U.S. firms : 0

Rank of the Super Bowl among television programs viewed by U.S. women : 1

Number of times NFL players have been arrested for domestic violence since 2000 : 90

Chance that a witness called to testify before a congressional committee
is female : 1 in 4

Portion of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 in 1960 who had never been married : 1/10

Portion today : 1/2

Minimum number of people Queen Elizabeth employs to send 100th-birthday cards to British centenarians : 7

Figures cited are the latest available as of October 2014.


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