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From descriptions of BuzzFeed in the New York Times between 2007 and 2014. BuzzFeed was founded in 2006.

We have never visited BuzzFeed before, but it seems dedicated to providing users with the latest info on hot trends and cool celebs

BuzzFeed, a trend-tracking site that recently linked to several fake Craigslist ads

BuzzFeed, a news-and-entertainment aggregator that’s partly devoted to these new sources of memey entertainment

BuzzFeed, a site that employs both paid staff and volunteers to create a user-generated hot list of newsworthy items

BuzzFeed, a site where the editors and algorithms sift the Web in search of viral articles elsewhere

BuzzFeed, the popular online outfit known for cute animal pictures and breezy “listicles” (along with political reporting)

BuzzFeed, a new breed of social news organization

BuzzFeed, the viral-content aggregator that recently hired staff members to report on politics

BuzzFeed, the social website that is suddenly and rather robustly investing in reporting muscle

BuzzFeed, the hip young news site

BuzzFeed, the website

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March 2015

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