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May 2015 Issue [Readings]

My App Runneth Over

From posts to Instapray, an app that allows users to post and request prayers.

God, please help me overcome my Internet addiction. It is ruining my life.

Who wants to fast together? I started a fast today from Fb and Instagram. They may seem harmless but considering that I am a recovering sexual addict it is definitely beneficial for me to stop wasting time on them.

If u have time to check Snapchat, then you have time to check your Bible, and read.

Yes, let your Bible & prayer be your smartphone. Everything you need to know & overcome in this life is in it. It never runs out of service, it’s free, it’s more powerful, & God is always able & available for us. Amen!

I gave up Instagram, Snapchat and for Lent this year. I predict that I will spend more time reading devotions and looking on here for prayers. Since I have gotten this app, I haven’t really been on any other apps and I challenge everyone to get on here more than your other apps during Lent also.

I’d rather be addicted to Instapray than any other social media!

I’m already so addicted to Instapray. It feels so good seeing people worldwide praising the name of God, I love you Jesus.

70 percent of people check their Twitter when they wake up, which is a sign of addiction. I can officially say I’m addicted to Instapray because I’m on this 24/7.

Addicted to IP, we are in a lazy situation, please let me go from here and take my responsibility to find a job, I need to stop praying by words and start to pray by acts.

I am addicted to Instapray! I can’t get anything done. Please help me in your prayers?

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May 2015

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