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From tasks performed in Walden, a computer game in which players simulate the life of Henry David Thoreau. The game was developed by Tracy Fullerton at the University of Southern California’s Game Innovation Lab. It was released this month.

Seek solitude.

Go huckleberrying.

Listen to the train whistle.

Follow a hummingbird.

Watch ants battle.

Write about civil disobedience.

Send manuscript of “A Walk to Wachusett” to Horace Greeley.

Send poem to Ellen Sewall.

Attend lyceum lecture by William Lloyd Garrison.

Go boating with Nathaniel Hawthorne.

Return Emerson’s copies of Homer and Confucius.

File patent application for pencil-making process.

Collect boards from old shacks along train tracks.

Finish shelter before the rain comes.

Find fishing rod.

Borrow an axe.

Tend bean field.

Chop wood.

Pay taxes.

Pick up laundry.

Do odd jobs for Emerson.

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July 2017

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