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Percentage change since last year in the arrests of U.S. immigrants with criminal convictions : +18

Of immigrants without criminal convictions : +156

Portion of children with New York Public Library cards who can’t use them because of unpaid fines : 1/5

Minimum annual amount the Palestinian Authority pays each Palestinian imprisoned for an attack in Israel : $4,368

Per capita income in Palestine : $3,090

Minimum number of civilian deaths in Iraq and Syria caused by the United States’ twelve coalition allies : 80

Number of those countries that have publicly acknowledged culpability : 0

Percentage by which a young Republican is more likely to know a millionaire than a Muslim : 27

Number of U.S. colleges that have more students from the wealthiest 1 percent than the bottom 60 percent : 38

Percentage of white working-class Americans who believe that college is a good investment : 44

Projected percentage of U.S. jobs in 2020 that will require education beyond high school : 65

Rank of “smart” among words that occur to U.S. voters when they think of Donald Trump : 28

Of “idiot” : 1

Percentage of Republicans who believe millions of illegal votes were probably cast in last year’s election : 52

Of Democrats who believe Russia tampered with the vote count : 59

Estimated number of leeches legally bred in Russia each year for medicinal purposes : 7,000,000

Number of countries worldwide with maternal death rates lower than that of the United States : 76

Estimated chance that a Texas woman has attempted to self-induce an abortion : 1 in 50

Factor by which a U.S. man is more likely than a woman to have “a lot of confidence” in the future of the country : 2

Percentage change since 2008 in the number of visits to U.S. children’s hospitals for suicidal thoughts or attempts : +101

Estimated portion of FDA-approved drugs that are found to pose further safety risks after the approval process : 1/3

Chance that an American’s tap water does not meet national safety standards : 1 in 4

Factor by which recalled Bombay Sapphire gin in Canada was more alcoholic than advertised : 2

Portion of the gin that was returned : 1/5

Percentage of American vacationers who are taking on debt to finance their trips this summer : 21

Number of private debt-collection firms that the IRS plans to use to obtain overdue payments : 4

Date on which a U.S. government agency sued one of those firms for deceptive collection practices : 1/18/2017

Amount of revenue the IRS lost the previous time it employed private debt collectors : $4,460,000

Estimated portion of U.S. employees who are bound by a noncompete clause : 1/5

Of those employees who don’t realize it : 3/10

Portion of U.S. workers who believe that having to email outside work hours is reasonable : 9/10

Percentage of U.S. adults who plan on working past retirement age : 74

Year in which every Chinese coal plant is projected to be more efficient than every U.S. coal plant : 2020

Number of years early that cicadas appeared in the mid-Atlantic this April : 4

Projected year in which cargo ships will be able to pass directly over the North Pole : 2050

Estimated percentage change in the number of glaciers in Glacier National Park since its founding : –83

Minimum number of animal species that are not officially extinct but have not been observed for at least ten years : 857

For at least one hundred years : 104

Number of years humans had last year to colonize another planet or risk extinction, according to Stephen Hawking : 1,000

That humans have this year, according to Hawking’s new projection : 100

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