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From a memorandum filed in April by the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York opposing a motion from Michael Cohen, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer. The motion asserted that documents seized in an FBI raid of Cohen’s home and office earlier that month were protected by attorney-client privilege. Among those taken were documents that reportedly concerned Cohen’s “hush payment” of $130,000 to Stephanie Clifford, a porn actor who alleges that she had an affair with Trump.

Cohen makes claims about his purported privileged communications involving a law firm with which he has a “strategic relationship.”

Cohen was not an employee or partner of the law firm.

Cohen would receive a percentage of the fees charged by the law firm for clients introduced to the law firm by Cohen.

Cohen introduced a sum total of five clients to the firm.

The law firm is not aware whether Cohen billed the five clients for services of any kind.

Cohen did not maintain time sheets at the law firm.

The law firm did not have a key to Cohen’s office.

Cohen’s documents were kept in a locked filing cabinet.

Cohen claims that seized materials contain communications with President Trump and other clients.

Cohen has told at least one witness that he has only one client: President Trump.

Zero emails were exchanged with President Trump.

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July 2018

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