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From analogies created by an algorithm that analyzed nearly 30,000 words in stories aggregated by Google News. Researchers at Boston University and Microsoft used the algorithm to reveal gender biases of machine-learning programs in a study published in 2016 titled “Man Is to Computer Programmer as Woman Is to Homemaker?”

Woman is to ponytail as man is to mustache
Woman is to bras as man is to trousers
Woman is to nude as man is to shirtless
Woman is to blond as man is to burly
Woman is to housewife as man is to shopkeeper
Woman is to nanny as man is to chauffeur
Woman is to sewing as man is to carpentry
Woman is to diva as man is to superstar
Woman is to cupcakes as man is to pizzas
Woman is to giggle as man is to chuckle
Woman is to adorable as man is to goofy
Woman is to lovely as man is to brilliant
Woman is to feisty as man is to mild-mannered
Woman is to hysterical as man is to comical
Woman is to judgmental as man is to arrogant
Woman is to whore as man is to coward
Woman is to feminists as man is to socialists
Woman is to boyfriend as man is to pal

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July 2018

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