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Vox Clamantis in Deserto

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From descriptions of actions perpetrated by professors Todd Heatherton, William Kelley, and Paul Whalen in Dartmouth’s department of psychology and brain sciences, as alleged in a lawsuit filed against the college in November by seven female students. In February, a trial date was set for March 2021.

Advised that a student break up with her boyfriend
Picked out dresses and shoes for students and offered to purchase them
Emphasized to a student the importance of putting sunscreen on her chest
Speculated that a student would not wear a push-up bra
Noted a preference for breasts with a ski-jump shape
Demanded massages from students
Gave drunken bear hugs to students
Called a student a bitch for refusing to drink
Pressured students to attend pajama parties
Hosted hot-tub parties referred to as “tubby time”
Encouraged students to come back and sleep at their homes after nights of drinking
Sent a student a photograph of his penis wearing a hat
Grabbed a student’s face and told her that she was the prettiest girl in any room
Groped a student’s buttocks
Told a student that he would never let her go
Told a student that he would continue to put his tongue in her whenever he wanted
Told a student that he didn’t know how to separate the personal from the professional
Warned students that a woman’s report of sexual harassment undermined her career
   and that she “got what was coming to her”
Invited a student to his office, shut off the lights, pinned her to the wall, and attempted
   to put his hands down her pants
Prevented a student from leaving his house, raped her, and laughed when she requested
   that he use protection
Changed a student’s flight so that she would arrive at a conference a day early,
   suggested that she share his hotel room for that night, drank with her at the bar to the
   point of in­ebriation, took her back to the room, and raped her
Hit a student with his car after drinking and referred to her as roadkill

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