The High Court,

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From descriptions of behaviors of magistrates at the Virginia Beach Magistrate Office. The accusations were included in a complaint filed this year by a female magistrate against the Office of the Executive Secretary of the Supreme Court of Virginia.

Screaming profanity
Using racial slurs
Throwing objects and kicking trash cans while conducting hearings
Failing to take action when a female magistrate reported that a police officer at her
   hearings had taken a photo of her and texted it to fellow officers with the caption “I’d
   fuck the shit out of this magistrate”
Praising a female magistrate’s butt
Praising a female magistrate’s calves
Screaming during a training session for new magistrates that a female magistrate in
   attendance was tired because she had been having sex with a Navy SEAL all night
Telling a female magistrate during a training session that she could make “more money”
   demonstrating the use of dildos
Grabbing a female magistrate by the butt
Telling a female magistrate that a homeless man whose genitals were exposed was her
   birthday present
Getting drunk at a magistrate conference, vomiting on a female magistrate, attempting
   to kiss her, and then asking her if she wanted to have a threesome
Getting drunk and vomiting in the Supreme Court building
Getting drunk and vomiting on a magistrate’s arm
Showing up drunk at a female magistrate’s house, holding her down, and choking her
Showing up to work with a gun