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Past behaviors, described and reported online, that individuals successfully lobbied Google to remove from its search results under the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” law.

Publishing a poem on a Hungarian National Library webpage
Implementing a controversial policy on a university campus
Bringing a private injury claim against the security staff of a nightclub
Escaping from a mental hospital
Being stabbed at a protest
Committing fraud, falsifying documents, and evading taxes
Stealing money from elderly people
Sexually harassing a teenage girl
Secretly recording female tenants in the shower
Possessing child pornography
Attempting to have sex with a child
Committing rape
Running over and killing a person
Killing an abusive husband and then attempting suicide
Being accused of uxoricide
Murdering a close family member
Hijacking an East German airplane
Publishing a news article about Google’s decision to delist a news article

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December 2019

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