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From sign-offs in the correspondence of the philosopher collected in Letters and Other Texts, which was published in July by Semiotext(e).

Wishes, wishes, wishes
Friendship and wishes
Thinking of your future
You are among the greatest poets
Let me express the strong effect our meetings, both recent and upcoming, have on me
Have a good conference, impose your talk, and stroke the good doctor
Forgive me for troubling you in this way, as I hope you will see it as proof of my great admiration
I need some type of long sleep at present but cannot
I am somewhat ill-suited for travel
I am not furious, as you say, but very annoyed
With all my heart, you are a terrible battlefield, from which friendship can extract joy and complicity
I have pushed back my departure for Paris, no way to sell this fucking disgusting apartment
I find all that I am saying to you grotesque and pitifully intellectual
There, I’ve done all I could to satisfy you
Forgive my inadequacy

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September 2020

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