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Blue Lives Batter


From descriptions of police violence filmed in the United States between May 29 and June 7. Compiled by ProPublica.

A protester holds up her phone. The officer pepper-sprays her twice, directly in the face.

An officer shoots at a reporter and cameraman who are broadcasting live.

Officers tackle a man being interviewed by the press.

An officer in the passenger seat of a patrol car opens the door while the car is moving, hitting a protester standing in the bicycle lane.

An officer rides his bicycle up to a protester, then pulls him into a headlock and drags him to the ground.

An officer shoves a protester standing on a sidewalk in front of a moving patrol vehicle.

An officer drives into a crowd of protesters.

An officer tramples a protester with a horse.

An officer pushes a person toward an open flame.

An officer pushes a protester down a set of stairs.

Officers shoot a teenage protester in the head with a beanbag round.

An officer shoots a man in the groin while he holds his hands in the air.

An officer removes a protester’s mask and then pepper-sprays him in the face.

Officers patrolling a neighborhood yell at a woman standing on her porch to go back inside before firing paint rounds at her home and yelling, “Light ’em up.”

Officers open fire on a group carrying an injured protester.

An officer pepper-sprays a person through an open window.

Officers use pepper spray and pull people out of an elevator in their apartment complex. “We live here,” one of them yells repeatedly.

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November 2020