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May 2021 Issue [Readings]

Pillar of the Community


From public comments sent to government officials in Atascadero, California, where a ten-foot, two-hundred-pound monolith appeared in December and was torn down by a Christian group a day later. The comments about the three-sided metal monolith were obtained by

Much needed whimsy and a respite to all the misery

A movement to simple beauty, which many perceive as an ode to a new future that integrates disparate elements (technology and nature)

An innocent yet playful and thought-provoking icon in our fair state, which prides itself on welcoming all creeds and colors

A statement of freedom and tolerance for all

[A target for] young imbecilic supporters of Donald Trump, claiming to act on his direct orders and those of the anti-American fascist group QAnon, behaving in a way reminiscent of the Nazis during WWII in destroying what they termed entartete Kunst (degenerate art) in Germany

The penis of Satan

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May 2021

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