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From a 2018 study commissioned by the U.S. State Department to investigate claims that an auditory weapon was being deployed against American diplomats in Cuba. The study was published in September 2021 by BuzzFeed.

This study concerns a series of events affecting U.S. personnel stationed in Cuba. Some have reported medical symptoms that are correlated with, and have been attributed to, specific sensory phenomena experienced at their residences in Havana. Many of the affected individuals describe hearing unusual sounds. We believe the recorded sounds were most likely made by the Indies short-tailed cricket. The power levels in the audio part of the spectrum are too low to produce physiological damage. It would be very informative to open and close doors and make other noises, to see if the buzzing sounds stop. If the sounds are originating from insects with no nefarious intent, we would expect locals (neighbors, especially) to have had similar experiences. Interviews of locals seem worthy of consideration, with due attention being paid to the potential political complications. The best objective evidence would be obtained from pathology studies of the cochlea and vestibular organs, which would require autopsies of a mammalian species that had been exposed to the suspect phenomena. Dogs, cats, and other mammals could be subject to measurement of auditory evoked potentials. Definitive studies could be made by postmortem analyses of exposed rodents or household pets, though it is unreasonable to expect that a pet would be sacrificed for this purpose.

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January 2022

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