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From a list of queries and complaints received by the New York City 311 line since 2003, released in March to commemorate its twentieth anniversary.

Can you check if my boyfriend is married?

Can you tell me the steps for boiling a live chicken?

How do I cook a turkey for Thanksgiving?

Can I use the HOV lane when my dog is in the car?

Can I claim my dog as a dependent on my taxes?

Do dogs see in black and white or in color?

Can I use Medicaid for my cat’s surgery?

A cat is terrorizing someone through a screen door.

A raccoon is eating lasagna on my porch.

A goat is tied to the stairwell in my building.

I lost my property tax bill inside my apartment. Can you help me find it?

Is there a law limiting how many times you can flush the toilet?

I’d like to file a noise complaint against my refrigerator.

I’d like to report my neighbor for waving to everyone on the block.

My neighbor keeps hanging lingerie out the window to dry.

What are my remedies for a naked neighbor?

How can I order an NYC birth certificate? I was born in Montclair, New Jersey.

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June 2023

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