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May 2024 Issue [Readings]

Blade Point Average

From a civil complaint filed in February against Albuquerque Public Schools, in New Mexico.

On the morning of May 2, 2022, a teacher brought two swords with her into her classroom. She initially kept the swords concealed from security staff, administrators, and other faculty. During a chemistry class she announced that she had a surprise for her students. She revealed the swords and told them that the swords were props. The swords were not props; rather, at least one was a katana-style sword with a long, curved blade and a sharp edge. The teacher instructed the students to rearrange their desks, creating a space in the middle of the classroom. She then encouraged the students, in pairs, to fight one another in the clearing. She set a two-minute timer for each sword fight, displayed on a large screen using the projector in the classroom. N.S. recorded a video of her two classmates fighting before she was selected to fight. Another student struck N.S. across her right forearm, wrist, and hand with the katana-style sword. N.S. began bleeding heavily. “I’m in trouble!” the teacher said.


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May 2024

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