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Personal and Otherwise

God Lives on Lemon Street

An ex–Jehovah’s Witness visits Watchtower headquarters

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Death at the Serena

Remembering Ahmad Sardar and his family

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Recollections of My Christmas Tree

One thing is for certain — I wouldn’t want to be a Christmas tree

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How Maradona Explains the Word

Interpreting my South American interpreter

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Occupied by The Newsroom

On inspiring (probably, maybe) a Newsroom plot arc

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America by the Yard

From Baghdad to the Menard County Fair

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Photograph With Shirley

The author writes about the inspiration for “May I Touch Your Hair?”

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Mr. Shorris Is Dreaming

Earl Shorris and The Art of Freedom

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On the Origins of Stories

“I could trace the origin of this story for pages, back and back and back.”

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Where Broken Hearts Stand

Grief and recovery on the Badlands of North Dakota

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The Master’s Hold

On the attractions and sway of a master

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Brautigan’s Heirs

A thwarted novelist’s tale

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