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Special Feature

The Forty-Fifth President

Our ongoing coverage of Donald Trump's presidency

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Saving Nelvana

The search for Canada's first female superhero

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Burn After Reading

In 1971, William Powell published The Anarchist Cookbook, a guide to making bombs and drugs at home. He spent the next four decades fighting to take it out of print.

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A Band of Her Own

Anne Sexton’s lost tapes

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The Pale Cast of Thought

Can ayahuasca cure writer’s block?

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Ending College Sexual Assault

Can Obama’s new campaign bring change?

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The Glitch in the Video-Game Graveyard

An anthropological dispatch from the landfill dig to unearth Atari’s E.T.

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Dottie’s Charms, by Jill Sobule

The new album from singer-songerwriter Jill Sobule

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Native Lands

Photographs from the birthplace of quinoa

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Can the European Union Hold?

Can the European Union survive — and should it? 

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Censorship In the Republic

How foreign media are filtered in Iran

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After the Fish Are Gone: A Short Documentary

A generation of change in the Sea of Cortez

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Blood Spore: The Pollock Murder Cassette

A 1981 recording of a police officer and a burglar discussing the robbery and murder of a pioneering mycologist

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My Pain Is Worse Than Your Pain: A Short Film

An adaptation of T. C. Boyle’s classic short story

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Monopoly Is Theft

The antimonopolist history of the world’s most popular board game

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Friedrich Egloffstein’s “Grand Cañon” Drawings: An Interactive Map

Click below to view an interactive supplement to the portfolio “The Long Draw,” which appears in the January 2012 issue of Harper’s Magazine. The hand-drawn maps are by Friedrich von…

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