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Portion of Democrats who consider China an enemy of the United States

: 1/3

Of Republicans who do

: 3/5

Percentage of Americans who believe that China poses a greater threat to national security than Russia

: 24

Who believe that China and Russia pose equally great threats

: 43

Number by which the U.S. Army fell short of its active-duty recruitment goals last year

: 15,000

Factor by which the rate of China’s GDP growth exceeded that of the United States between 2020 and 2022

: 1.6

Percentage of U.S. adults who say there is too little government spending on education

: 65

Who say there is too much government spending overall

: 60

Factor by which the number of U.S. adults caring for an aging friend or family member has increased since 1989

: 6

Minimum monthly amount by which federal funding for food per household will decrease this year

: $95

Amount the CEO of Domino’s personally spent on pizza last year

: $7,322

Percentage of the average U.S. household’s total at-home food spending this represents

: 139

Chances an American has worried about his or her financial security in the past week

: 3 in 5

Percentage increase since 2020 in the amount of work employees are doing outside of the nine-to-five workday

: 28

Portion of U.S. hiring managers who report leaving job postings up for more than two months

: 2/5

Portion of online job postings that are for positions that have already been filled

: 2/5

Percentage by which the cost of homeownership has increased since 2020

: 71

Percentage increase since 2000 in the cost of household fuel and utilities in the average U.S. city

: 137

Percentage increase last year in U.S. shortages of antibiotics

: 42

Minimum number of people in the United States currently on waiting lists for organ transplants

: 104,000

Number of organs that have been discarded since 2013

: 59,255

Chance an American has not filled a medication prescription because of its cost

: 1 in 3

Minimum number of states that have passed laws since the start of the pandemic limiting public health powers

: 25

Percentage increase since 2008 in the value of assets held by financial institutions without banking licenses

: 141

Portion of U.S. adults who own at least one AR-15

: 1/20

Factor by which more children are shot in domestic violence incidents than in school shootings

: 3

Portion of U.S. five-year-olds who do not live to the age of forty

: 1/25

Percentage by which remote-working women are more likely than other working women to plan to have children

: 22

By which they are more likely to plan to marry in the next year

: 40

Portion of U.S. fathers who took on more childcare obligations during pandemic lockdowns

: 1/3

Portion of those who continued to do so after lockdowns ended

: 1/5

Year in which U.S. fourth graders are projected to catch up to pre-pandemic math performance levels

: 2036

In which U.S. eighth graders are projected to catch up to pre-pandemic math performance levels

: 2050

Percentage decrease since 2012 in the number of times per week that high school seniors go out with friends

: 25

Portion of college students who report having used TikTok for help studying

: 1/2

Portion of those students who report learning more on TikTok than they do in class

: 1/2

Average number of minutes per day users spend on TikTok

: 93

Average age at which brain transmission speed plateaus

: 35