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Portion of U.S. voters who believe that unemployment is at a fifty-year high

: 1/2

Who say they don’t know which sources of information about the economy are trustworthy

: 2/3

Percentage of U.S. HR officers who strongly believe that their performance-management system leads to improvement

: 2

Percentage of U.S. millennial employees who say they have adopted slang to fit in with their younger co-workers

: 28

Percentage of U.S. Gen Z employees who say they struggle to understand their older co-workers

: 24

Portion of U.S. adults planning to retire who intend to do so before the age of 50

: 1/4

Portion of Americans who say they would not stop to pick up a coin of any value off the street

: 1/10

Who say they would stop to pick up a penny

: 1/2

Number of households set to be added to the New York City Housing Authority’s Section 8 voucher wait list this month

: 200,000

Number of years it would take NYCHA to issue this number of vouchers at its expected rate

: 17

Portion of New York City residents who are millionaires

: 1/24

Percentage change in the number of millionaires in New York City over the past decade

: +48

In the number of billionaires in New York City in that time span

: +25

In the number of billionaires in London

: –26

Minimum estimated amount spent by the NYPD on overtime for officers responding to protests since October 7, 2023

: $65,000,000

Percentage of U.S. adults who say that the United States is spending too much on aid to Israel

: 47

Who say that the United States is not spending enough

: 11

Percentage of U.S. adults who say that the United States is spending too much on aid to Ukraine

: 50

Who say that the United States is not spending enough

: 11

Percentage of Russians who say they felt angered by the news of Alexei Navalny’s death

: 3

Who say they felt indifferent

: 69

Percentage of Russians who approve of President Vladimir Putin’s handling of foreign policy

: 67

Who say they feel comfortable criticizing Putin both online and offline

: 62

Portion of people in India who say that social media has been a good thing for their democracy

: 3/4

Portion of people in Sweden who say so

: 2/3

Portion in the United States who do

: 1/3

Percentage of Anguilla’s nominal GDP in 2023 that came from “.ai” web-domain registration fees

: 6

Estimated percentage of Johns Hopkins University’s funding in the past decade that came from tuition and fees

: 17

That came from the U.S. Department of Defense

: 19

Percentage of U.S. college students who have considered dropping out in the past six months

: 35

Percentage by which those considering dropping out are more likely to cite emotional stress than financial reasons

: 74

Percentage of U.S. parents who say their children prefer online shopping to any other form of entertainment

: 22

Percentage who say their children have an online-shopping addiction

: 16

Percentage decrease in OB-GYN residency applicants in the United States since 2022

: 5

Percentage decrease in OB-GYN residency applicants in states that have enacted abortion bans

: 18

Portion of U.S. women and girls aged 15–49 who live in states where abortion is banned or severely restricted

: 1/3

Percentage of organ-transplant recipients who report changes in their personality after their operation

: 89

Who report changes in their religious or spiritual beliefs

: 13
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